Dr. Nickolay Mayger

4Founder & President of MAYGER LLC

MAYGER LLC is one of the top Ukraine consulting companies founded in 2000 by Dr. Nickolay Mayger. Key Services : Investment in Ukraine – Investment opportunities, Relations with Investors, FDI supporting, Complex Support Of Foreign Investments, full range of consulting services in Business Development and Projects Development for the following entities: foreign companies and investment funds, developer companies, construction companies, as well as asset management companies, manufacturing and trading companies, investment companies, insurance companies and pension funds, equity funds, private investors, institutional investors looking for business and private investment, and any other investors.  Business Development – Consulting services and efficient strategic decisions for both local and foreign companies to establish business, joint venture and franchising.

Projects Development and purchase of investment projects, Business Development and purchase of businesses, financial and tax strategies and Business security issues in Ukraine.
Projects Development – From start-up to full completion, including: development of projects in Ukraine from a business idea, market researches, Feasibility study, Due Diligence, Project management, Risk Management, selection of land in Ukraine, Government Relations, project documentation, project implementation, project management, etc.