Our Mission

Mission of  Association of Foreign Investors in Ukraine

  • Complex support of foreign companies in Ukraine
  • Protection of foreign investments
  • Development of trade, economic, financial, industrial, scientific, technical and social relations
  • Support of investment in Ukrainian economy
  • Promotion and improvement of investment climate of Ukraine

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the international association aiming to support investments in Ukraine in all possible ways. This is done due to mutual efforts of our organization and every single investor, advisor or business owner. Our intention is to facilitate the growth of our members and uphold better business practices by following the international standards.

Our Activities

  • Development of the multilateral trading system, industrial cooperation
  • Organization of investors’ visits in Ukraine and acquaintance with investment opportunities
  • Organization negotiations and meetings with the state authorities on the governmental, regional and local levels and represents the interests of foreign investors in the government

Goal Code of Association of Foreign Investors in Ukraine

  • Promote fair and transparent competition
  • Respect intellectual and other property rights
  • Promote and respect non-corruption practices
  • Encourage compliance with prevailing law at all times
  • Respect employees’ rights, including health and safety, equal opportunities at work, and training
  • Seek to develop constructive relations with local and national government bodies to achieve a just and productive business climate
  • Respect local communities, and recognise  the importance of environmental protection
  • Promote the application of these principles by those with whom we do business